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1. Only two foreign nationals have been awarded India's highest civilian award, the 'Bharat Ratna'.
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan is one. Who is the other ?

    Kofi Annan
    Nelson Mandela.
    Bill Clinton.
    Chandrika Kumaarathunga

2.Whose last words reportedly were 'No intelligent monarch rises.
There is none in the kingdom that will make me his master. My time has come to die.' ?

     Raja Kesavadas
    Veer Savarkar
    Bhagath Singh

3. Who started the Red Shirt movement in 1930 ?

    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.
    JayaPrakash Narayanan
    Khudiram Bose
    Subhash Chandra Bose

4.The name of which place translates to 'mound of the dead' ?


5. What was the codename for the joint Indian Armed Forces operations which
evicted the Pakistanis and their surrogates from Kargil in 1999 ?

    Operation Blue Star
    Operation Kargil
    Operation Vijay
    Operation Diamond

6. In Hindu mythology, whose name literally means EAR as he is said to have been born out of the ear of his mother ?


7. What was the name of the bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki during World War II ?

    Little Boy
    Fat Man

8.What is the maximum number of characters a domain name can have ?


9. Longest beach in India

    Marina Beach
    Juhu Beach
    Kovalam Beach
    Santa Maria Beach

10.Which search engine's name literally means 'view from above' ?


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